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Button earrings are making waves on the fashion scene.

Each pair of earrings is one of a kind. Each button earring is covered by hand with African fabric. No two pairs will look exactly alike due to the variation of patterns on the fabric.

These earrings are made of an aluminum button, fabric, stainless steel earring post and includes a rubber stopper.

Clip on earrings are available for an extra $2. Select the clip on option in addition to the earrings.

Size: Large: Earrings are approx 1 1/2 inches (a little bigger than a quarter) (60)
Medium: Earrings are approx 1 1/8 inches (45) *shown*
Small: Earrings are approx 7/8″ around. (30)

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Kente Cloth Colors
Kente Cloth Colors denote specific meanings. Below is a list of colors and their meanings:

• Blue – peace, togetherness, love and harmony
• Black – maturity, spiritual energy, mourning, funeral and passing rites
• Gold – high worth, richness, fertility, royalty, prosperity, monetary wealth
• Green – land, crops, vegetation, harvest, growth, spiritual growth and renewal
• Yellow – high worth, richness, fertility, royalty, prosperity, monetary wealth
• Grey – Healing rituals; cleansing rituals; symbolizes ash
• Pink – feminine; mildness and feminine qualities
• White – pureness, cleansing rites and festivals
• Maroon – mother earth and healing
• Red – death; funerals; mourning
• Purple – feminine; worn by girls and women
• Silver – peace and joy;

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