The Global Couture Foundation was launched in January 2014.

Mission Statement

The Global Couture Foundation is dedicated to positively influencing lives and by extension society. We acknowledge that the change we want to see in our world must start with every individual who believes there is hope for a better tomorrow. Global Couture is committed to serving and enhancing philanthropic efforts worldwide through innovative and creative thinking with our goal in mind; improving the lives of individuals who benefit from the charities we support.

The foundation believes in fostering good relationships with our global neighbors because what we do in our individual societies ultimately affects all. This supports unity and a unified world is the solution to many of our international problems.


• To give back to international charities and add to the resources of philanthropic arms worldwide

• To promote the idea that a positive change in our society is inevitable once we start a positive change in our own lives

• To encourage good relations globally because unity is strength

• To be creative and innovative in our efforts to serve our global community

Global Couture created the “I am Global” tee as a fund raising campaign. All profits (100%) from the sale of these tees will be donated to UNICEF.

Please consider supporting this effort by proudly purchasing and wearing your shirt HERE. 


Women’s and Mens tees are available.

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